Whitewater swimming is a sports activity of sliding and full nature practiced in rivers.


Route (1h30) Beginner level 42€

Contact us for other rivers !

Our equipment

Price include the rent of the equipment (helmet, safety jacket, dry suit, paddle, raft with guide and good mood).

White water swimming is like an exciting adventure that is both sporty and relaxing !
While gracefully swimming in the water currents, you can appreciate the beauty of nature and maybe even encounter some fish sunbathing. 

And if you want thrills, white water swimming is here for you ! 
It’s the only sport that will make you scream with joy and terror at the same time. And for those looking to de-stress, white water swimming can help release all your tensions and allow you to feel lighter than a fish.

Plus, there’s no better way to strengthen bonds between friends than with a good white water swimming session ! 
There’s nothing like being united to face the tumultuous waters together and share unforgettable laughs. 

So, are you ready to dive into the adventure of white water swimming ? Come on, take a deep breath and dive into the currents !