Rafting Hautes Alpes

In a 4, 6 or 8 seats raft, you will discover the enjoyments of living water, at the pace of the many challenges proposed by your guide. This activity accessible to all from 7 years old, can be enjoyed without any prior experience.


Route : St Clement-Embrun (16km)     49€

Route : St Clement-Rabioux (7km)       33€

Route : Rabioux-Embrun (9km)             38€

Group, Family… Please contact us


Route : Full (15km)                                     48€

Route : Discover (7km)                              42€

Route : Sporting Descent (8km)               46€

Group, family… Please contact us

Price include the rent of the equipment (helmet, safety jacket, dry suit, paddle, raft with guide and good mood).

Rafting Hautes Alpes

Rafting is a physical activity that allows you to exercise and strengthen your physical condition while having fun. 
It’s also an excellent way to connect with nature, discovering stunning landscapes and breathing fresh air. 
Rafting can also help stimulate adrenaline and release endorphins, which can have a positive effect on mood and reduce stress. 
Finally, this activity can strengthen teamwork and improve communication, as teamwork is essential to successfully navigate the rivers.